Ward Responsibilities

Location: Sellars Creek Ranch near Idaho Falls

Total Trek Distance:  8+ miles

Who: For all youth turning 14 in 2021 up to those graduating in 2021

Calendar Items

April 1 – Registration Complete

May 1 – Physical Forms Turned in

June 12th – Families announced

July 18 – Fireside – Turn in Trek Bucket/Bag

July 19 – Travel to Sellars Creek Ranch (4-hour drive) and 3-4 mile trek after arriving (3-4 hours)

July 20 – Trek 8 miles, with 700 feet of elevation gain (8-9 hours)

July 21 – Pack up and travel home

Ward Trek Reps

Ensure that everyone is registered that wants to go. Work with them to turn in the the physical forms. You are the primary contact point for all things trek in the ward. All of the things on this page also apply to you.

Bishoprics and YW Presidents 

Work with the youth in your ward to help them prepare physically and spiritually for Trek.  Encourage youth to participate in the physical trek challenge.

Physical Preparation

  • Ensure each youth has pioneer period clothing for trek (no denim, no baseball caps, no t-shirts, no short sleeves)
  • Ensure each youth has appropriate shoes for trek (wear shoes on training hikes)
  • Ensure each youth has a 5 gallon bucket which will be used as a camp stool and to store all personal items.  Seat cushions for your bucket can be made at a ward level and are optional.
  • Distribute packing list (also provided on website) to the ward youth

Financial Obligations

  • Trek Expenses: The cost for trek is $80 per youth and $60 per adult. Bishops determine other arrangements.
  • Make the payment for trek using an old school tithing envelope from the bishop’s office, and indicate “Trek” in the “Other” category.