Trek Music

Dear Parents of our Fantastic MC Stake Youth:

Hopefully you are aware by now of the excellent opportunity your children have to go to trek this summer!  (In case you need a date refresher, the kick-off fireside is Sunday, July 18th and we’re leaving bright and early July 19th, to return on Wednesday late afternoon July 21st!) 

We have TWO  important opportunities, and we need your support!  
What’s happening? We’re making a stake trek MUSIC VIDEO. (It’s the same theme song that they have been hearing/singing for months now.)  We have a professional film-maker in our stake who has put us in his schedule to create a world class video.  This is a great opportunity for your youth to SHINE! 

What: Music recording sessionWhen:  Sunday June 6th 4 pmWhere:  Mahogany ChapelWho: All of the youth we can get!Why: Recording the theme song for professional recording. 

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  Please put this on your calendars and help your youth to scoot on over.  We want EVERYONE that can possibly come to join us!  Whether your kids have a solo singing voice or not is irrelevant!  We just need numbers, and we need them in spades.  They don’t have to be soloists.  Just regular kids singing their best with the spirit.  They will not be filmed at this point, just recorded.  What they wear should just be appropriate for the chapel.  (If they need the music, please print it off below.  Also, they can practice along with the video we already have.) Click here for sheet music.  Click here for the practice video.

What: Video recording sessionWhen:  Saturday June 19th at 7 pmWhere:  Timpanogos Cove ParkWho:  All of the youth we can get! (Hopefully the same kids, but more are always welcome!)Why:  Making the film segment to go along with the professional recording.

We have a filming opportunity for the youth.  This will use the sound recording already to be done on June 6th.  All will need to be dressed in their Sunday best clothing for this one.  It can be the same youth or different youth, although we would hope for both!   The lighting will be perfect for a very short time, so it’s imperative the youth are there and ready to go in a timely fashion.  Click here for address for filming location.  

Since we were not allowed to practice earlier, we are feeling especially dependent on you to help us pull this together quickly.  Please share with your youth and pray for them to have the opportunities that would help them come closer to the Savior through the efforts of the Lord’s servants and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Music creates an environment where the spirit will reach past everything and plant in their hearts the love of God.  We hope you will help them to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Stake Trek Directors Paul and Lindy Taylor (and all the great MC trek team)