Get Ready

If ye are prepared ye shall not fear” (D&C 38:30)


Physical Preparation:

  • Get in Shape:  Get ready for TREK by being physically active and hiking. A Trek Prep Tracking sheet has been distributed. Check off one square for each mile you walk or run in preparation for trek. If you complete 70 miles before trek, let one of your leaders know and you will receive a commemorative charm necklace.
  • Pioneer Clothing: Each participant needs 2 sets of period-appropriate clothing (see clothing guidelines on website and sample pictures), including sturdy, comfortable shoes (not necessarily “period appropriate,” and broken in to avoid blisters).
  • Bucket (no larger than 5 gal bucket): Everyone will pack their stuff in a bucket which doubles as a suitcase and camp chair.  Buckets may be decorated and have a seat cover, if desired. Please put your name on your bucket! Also – Buckets with the lids that screw on are much more friendly after a long day hiking than those with snap on lids.
  • Pack: Refer to the website for the packing list. Set aside one set of trek clothes for the drive.
  • Fill out the health release form and turn it in to your ward Trek Rep.

Get There Safely:

  • Register: All participants must be registered with proper permission and medical forms filled out by parents. Make sure you update your medical information, if needed, before TREK.
  • Travel: We have busses that will get families to an from Sellars Creek Ranch. Most adult committee members will carpool.
  • Spending Money: The chartered busses will not be stopping on the way to or from Sellars Creek Ranch, so there isn’t a need for spending money.