Clothing Guidelines

We strongly recommend that participants wear pioneer clothing for trek reenactments. Doing so adds to the unity and spirit of the experience. Hats and bonnets protect participants’ heads, faces, and necks from the sun even if they use sunscreen.

Participants should not wear shorts of open-toed shoes. The trek is on an operating cattle ranch with sagebrush, ticks, brush, weeds, dust, tree branches, briars, shrubs, and uneven and dusty trails. For protection, men should wear long pants, and women should wear pantaloons or long pants under their skirts. All should wear closed-toe hiking shoes or boots.

Young Men

• 2 pair sturdy khaki pants – no denim

• 2 light colored long sleeve button-up shirts. No t-shirts.

• Wide brim hat with strap to hold it on. No baseball caps

Young Women

• 2 three-quarter length skirts – no denim

• 2 pioneer style long-sleeve blouses. No t-shirts.

• Bonnet or wide brim hat with strap to hold it on. No caps.

• 1-2 aprons with pockets

• Loose fitting bloomers to be worn under skirt. These will protect from bugs, ticks and dirt. Can use cut off PJ pants, scrubs with elastic sewn around bottom or biker shorts/leggings.

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