Bucket Seat

Instructions for a Bucket Seat

You don’t need to create a cushion for your seat – but it may be helpful.

Items needed:

  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Gamma lids-these can be found at Winco, Lowes, etc. (Gamma lids aren’t necessary but may be easier to use. You can also use regular snap on lids)
  • Cardboard or 1/4 in plywood cut into a circle
  • Fabric piece-at least 20”x20” or a bandana
  • Foam or batting
  • Hot glue, duct tape, staple gun, Velcro
  1. Using a plate to trace a circle, cut the cardboard or 1/4 inch plywood into a circle.
  2. Cut a circle out of the fabric, make sure it is a few inches larger than the cardboard or plywood so you
    can wrap it around. If you leave the fabric too large it bunches up.
  3. Lay fabric onto flat surface with wrong side up. Place a generous and desired amount of batting or foam onto the wrong side of fabric. Place the cardboard or plywood onto the batting. Pull the fabric around and over onto the carboard and duct tape, hot glue or staple it to the cardboard or plywood.
  4. To attach this to the lid of your bucket use hot glue or velco strips. Either way will work.
  5. Optional: Buckets may be enhanced with decorative duct tape, markers, etc.